Dumbbell is a Good Way to Work Out

With dumbbell workout you can have the best six pack formation. The push-up position would be the best to start with. You need to put your hands on the dumbbells and sit in a rowing position. The expert will show you how to pull the arms and carry on with the process. You cross your arms, put your fists in a pushing position and manage to have your elbows in the front portion of your body.

You can do full body workouts with dumbells alone. Can’t trust me? Watch the video below

Workout with the Barbells Too

With barbells you can have fantastic front squats. You find similarity between front and back squats and both are required for the best of muscle gain, and proper weight training.

As you can see from the video above both dumbbell and barbells are useful. There are no sure winners. For better result use both to get automatic sixpack!